5 Jewelry Trends to Shop for 2023 

5 Jewelry Trends to Shop for 2023 


A new year means fresh style inspo, and 2023’s jewelry trends are here to inspire. While classics like tennis bracelets, twisted rings and hoops will always be in style, the runways and streets point to exciting new trends for the upcoming year. We rounded up the top 2023 jewelry trends to shop right now.


Colorful Gemstones

After a couple years of minimalism, bright colors are back. Look for jewelry featuring sapphires, rubies, emeralds, citrines, amethysts and garnets. Colored gemstone rings, pendant necklaces, drop earrings and statement bracelets featuring rich pink sapphires or deep purple amethysts will be everywhere. Harness the power of color therapy and brighten up your style. 


Shell Jewelry

Seashells and mother of pearl add an organic, beachy feel to jewelry. Delicate shell chokers, iridescent pearl pendant necklaces, pearly drop earrings and shell bangle bracelets are stylish accessories for 2023.  Shell jewelry brings a touch of summer all year round. 


Mismatched Earrings

Prepare to break away from wearing perfectly matched pairs! Mismatched or asymmetrical earrings are on trend for 2023. Look for earrings that differ in gemstones like pearl studs with moonstone drops or gold hoops with silver mini hoops. Pairing contrasting earrings allows you to convey your free-spirited and fashion-forward style.


Bold Cuffs

Chunky, eye-catching cuffs are a stylish trend for 2023. Gold, gemstone and hammered metal cuffs will make a bold accessory statement. Cuffs work for both day and night, so stock up on several to suit every occasion. Big, bold and bright; the perfect cuff awaits to elevate your style into 2023. Mix and match cuffs with your gemstone rings or metal bangles for an dramatic arm party look. 


The three must-have pieces of 2023 jewelry? A pair of mismatched gemstone earrings and a bold gold cuff. Treat yourself to all three trends and refresh your jewelry.

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