Kissyan Continued Commitment to Sustainability  

Kissyan Continued Commitment to Sustainability  


At Kissyanjewelry, sustainability and environmental responsibility have been at the core of our brand since the beginning. We believe that as a business, we have a duty to consider our impact on the planet and take action to reduce it. That is why we have set concrete goals and taken measurable steps to improve our sustainability, support important causes, and encourage more ethical practices in our industry. We want to share some of our recent progress and ongoing commitments with you. 

01  100% Recycled Precious Metals

We are proud to announce that as of this year, 100% of our new sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces are made from fully recycled precious metals. Using recycled metals reduces the demand for newly mined metals and decreases pollution and waste. We aim to continue increasing our use of recycled brass and other recycled materials in the coming years.

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02   Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is another area we are targeting for improvement. We have partnered with our suppliers to transition to 100% biodegradable packaging by 2023. Currently, 80% of our packaging is recyclable, and we are striving for even greater progress. Sustainable packaging is better for the environment and our customers who share our values.  


03   Supporting Impactful Environmental Charities

We also believe in supporting impactful environmental charities and causes. Our multi-year partnership with TreeSisters has helped fund the planting of over 300,000 trees to date, and we are committed to continuing to support their reforestation efforts. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and provide natural habitats for wildlife.


Continuous Improvement

At Kissyanjewelry, we believe that every step makes a difference when it comes to sustainability. While we are proud of the progress we have made, our work is never done. We remain dedicated to bettering ourselves, our industry, and the world around us through new environmental and social initiatives. Together with our customers and partners, we are pushing for a greener and more ethical future. Our commitment to sustainability is a long-term journey, not a destination, and we appreciate you joining us.

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